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Welcome to the WNCC Library Student Employee help guide. This guide will help you understand what is expected of you while working as a student employee. It contains a basic overview of responsibilities, processes for tasks that student employees may be asked to complete, and explanations that may help you do your job well. 

Student Employee Handbook

Library Assistant Responsibilities

The primary responsibility of the Student Library Assistant is to provide good service to our patrons. Specific duties that the Library Assistant may perform include, but are not limited to:

General Duties

  • Check in and check out library materials at the desk
  • Shelve returned library materials
  • Shelf reading and assigned duties following the posted schedule
  • Opening/Closing – according to shift time, the student worker assists with the opening or closing procedures in the library


  • Provide directional assistance to patrons (e.g., "Where is this book located?")
  • Handle routine requests for paper and help with library and Learning Commons computers, printers, and photocopiers
  • Direct students with in-depth questions to the Librarian on duty or taking a message if no librarian is available


  • Complete work projects as soon as possible
  • Assist with maintenance of general and reference stacks, as well as periodical holdings, including shelving, shelf reading and shifting of collection
  • Assist with processing books, DVDs, and periodicals for shelving (e.g. covering, taping, and stamping)
  • Other duties as assigned


Time sheets 

The Library requires paper time sheets to be initialed by permanent employees at the end of each shift. Time should also be uploaded to time sheet on MyWNCC at the end of each shift. At the end of the pay period (as outlined in schedule), the time sheet should be submitted for approval by the student employee. 

Getting Paid 

Student employees are paid on the 15th and 30th of each month. Be aware that we have a lag payroll and your first paycheck will not arrive until the next pay period after the end date of your first time sheet. You must submit your time sheet for approval by dates indicated in the schedule. Contact the Business Office for information regarding Direct Deposit.