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Embedded Librarian in Blackboard

Blackboard LogoThe WNCC Librarians would love to work with you to incorporate library/research activities directly into your Blackboard courses. Activities can range from basic to advanced-level involvement with a librarian. 

What is an embedded librarian?

An embedded librarian is a service provided by the library.  The librarians can be integrated into an online class for a period of time to support the students in their research process. 

Why do I need an embedded librarian?

An embedded librarian can help your students if they are not able to visit the physical campus, and the library, and do not have access to the same library services as the on-site students.

The library has an increased amount of electronic resources that can be accessed remotely. But having access is not always enough. Many students have difficulties and need help, not only accessing resources remotely, but knowing what resources and services are available to them. An embedded librarian will provide direct support for these students in their virtual space. 

What can the embedded librarian do for your students?

  • Brainstorm and narrow topics for research
  • Identify keywords and search terms for chosen topic
  • Help students understand “peer-reviewed” sources
  • Finding credible web-sources
  • Searching and using library services (databases, eBooks, print materials, etc.)
  • Basic citation and copyright information
  • Avoiding plagiarism

Embedded Librarian Levels

Level 1 

  • Provide embedded link to customized libguide for class.

Level 2

  • Present information literacy skills via collaborate or recorded video during one class module.
  • Monitor discussion board thread during that module for library and research related questions.

Level 3

  • Present information literacy skills over several weeks via video sessions (collaborate/recorded), handouts, and online tutorials.
  • Monitor discussion board thread for several weeks.
  • Hold virtual office hours during semester for live questions.

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